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I am Felicia, a Romanian - Canadian living in the beautiful countryside of Somerset in the United-Kingdom, and my goal is to create comfortable and beautiful content about the little things that bring happiness into our lives. 

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Who I am and what you will find on my website

I started this website in 2012, when I was living in San Diego, California, and I was inspired by the perfect sunny weather although that was not only reason. I had always aspired to make a change in my life, being able to do the things that I love after years of corporate life and having limited time for my family and for myself.


Moving from Montreal, Canada to sunny California was the perfect opportunity for that change, to be able to reinvite myself, to be able to catch up on the lost time with my family, especially with my two lovely daughters, as well as being able to have more time to explore and learn new things.

During this period, I discovered how much I love to prepare delicious and healthy meals for my family and for our friends, equally. It is one of my pleasures to receive guests and to share great moments together whilst enjoying some good food. 

After moving to Germany and spending some time in Hamburg, I have come to appreciate how people there like to live a healthy life, eat well and enjoy spending their time with their loved ones. There, we have met some great people that have helped us to understand their culture and the European lifestyle. 

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Returning to Montreal, I brought back with me all these experiences and started exploring this great Canadian - French city situated in North America with fresh new eyes, known for its culture, food and “joie de vivre”!

Among the things that make the Canadian food scene unique is its diversity. Diverse cuisines combining Canadian ingredients with ethnic flavours and spices, culminating in fabulous food!

I now find myself in the United-Kingdom, in the beautiful Somerset countryside with my family. It seems that there are many misconceptions about British cuisine. I discovered that the best British cuisine isn't found in the big cities, but rather found in the farmlands and countryside.


To start over is to open your eyes again, and food is the great unifier that connects us across cultures and generations. 

Charming Cotswolds

When I am in the kitchen, I feel connected to my grandmother and regional history somewhere in the countryside of Romania, where my childhood was idyllic.

My grandmother taught me to cook and so many wonderful memories came flooding back. I found myself more and more in the kitchen with my grandmother, watching her soft, arthritis-bent hands slowly drizzle flour to make the best bread I've ever eaten.

What you will find on my website

On this space, you will find recipes of meals, desserts or snacks collected from all corners of the world and my mother's and grandmother's favourite recipes that use seasonal ingredients.

It is about nesting abroad, finding the beauty in the everyday life, about home cooking, healthy food, beautiful gardens, family life, and well-being. All of this is based on my experience from living abroad in different countries and experiencing different food cultures as well as lifestyles.


The beauty of being in the kitchen is that there is room for interpretation and you can add your own touch to each recipe. 

Mostly it is about appreciating the beauty of everyday life and seeing the perfection in imperfections.

Life is all about new experiences. Comfort is enjoyable, but experience is even more rewarding. 

Thank you for visiting!

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